A stop sign functions to stop traffic,  and thus it is a natural extension to use a "STOP" SIGN   to be the symbol to make the world aware that we need to STOP TRAFFICKING!

When global solutions are available and complete funding is available, then is the time to make ALL the public at large fully aware of the Human Trafficking war against sexual slavery.   We all know what a “pink ribbon” stands for in the fight against breast cancer.  But, it has taken years to reach that point of public awareness.  In the fight against HIV/AIDS the public became aware quickly when major entertainers held stadium events on the world wide stage to promote awareness.  As a group of major entertainers will have attended the INTERNATIONAL GOVERNING BODY, they will understand the need to hold entertainment events in large stadiums all over the world to make everyone aware of the Human Trafficking issues.  The symbol to make the public aware of the Human Trafficking issues and the war against Human Trafficking will be the most common sign all over the world -  the STOP sign (Stop Trafficking Of People).  

We want STOP pins to be as common as pink ribbons. The back of the pin will contain instructions to identify Trafficking situations and what to do in using the national hotline for each country. A wallet size STOP card will also be distributed with the same information on the back.  During major entertainment events and rallies the issues regarding Human Trafficking will be presented and everyone will receive a  STOP  pin.  For example,  there are two major motorcycle rallies in the nation each year.  About 50,000 bikers attend the rally at Sturgis, SD and about 100,000 at the national mall in Washington, DC.  This would be the perfect time to establish a "BIKERS AGAINST TRAFFICKING" and to give them the solutions to implement.  Bikers see more of what is happening around them than drivers of cars or trucks.  They are a natural to take up the fight against the injustice of the sexual slavery of Human Trafficking.  

Since most girls that are trafficked must be moved from one location to another, the next venue is to have all the major gas station corporations in the world display a large  STOP sign in the window or door at the entrance to each gas station.  This will not only promote awareness by the public, but will also give girls the national hotline number to call in the country they are in.  The gas station attendants will be trained to be aware of the solutions to the Human Trafficking issues and to call when suspicious situations are observed.

Other venues to advance the awareness of the  STOP  sign against Human Trafficking will be to have the leaders of major Christian denominations that attended the WORLD GOVERNING BODY  handing out the  STOP pins to all congregations.  Thus creating a Christian army against Human Trafficking. In addition, because of the publicity which comes from major entertainment events, national magazines will print their front cover featuring a STOP sign. Likewise, holding assemblies and distributing STOP pins in all high schools will go a long way toward raising awareness of potential Trafficking situations and the need to report rather than ignore what they see.

All these efforts and the above three STEPS TO A COMPLETE SOLUTION will be included in a book titled:  STOP!!!.   The essence of the book will be to inform the reader about the issues and the solutions to Human Trafficking and sexual slavery in the world. .  It will explain how certain philosophies and worldviews have contributed to the decline in society, enabling Human Trafficking to flourish world-wide.  The approach will be to ask in the beginning what is “TRUTH”?  And, not to look at my truth, your truth, our truth, and not even the truth of the majority; instead, the real “TRUTH” as stated by the TRIUNE GOD.  This will discuss how the downfall of society has been feeding on the Philosophy of Tolerance that says, “Any view is OK as long as it does not bother me”.   This allows views that pornography, prostitution, pimps, and criminal activity are to be ignored (or even glorified) by the general population in society until it does affect them.  It is the same philosophy as that of the time period 1935 – 1944 in which America and much of Europe ignored the actions of the Nazi butchers while they made attempts to exterminate the Jews.  Such apathy of that time period is repeated today in the Philosophy of Tolerance and will only lead to similar evils as it is currently leading to the tolerance of the conditions that promote the sexual slavery of Human Trafficking.  Thus the book, STOP!!!  will provide a motivation for change in the attitude toward the tolerance that promotes all these evils in the world.

The above venues will combine to make the fight against Human Trafficking known worldwide and the instructions available to all regarding reporting Trafficking situations.

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