Sintija's Story

Some criticize us for helping former prostitutes that were held in sexual slavery.  They say; "They are all bad girls".  Consider the story of  17 year old Sintija as she told of her life:  "Life was great for my 12 year old brother and I as we lived with my father even  though  we had not seen my mother for 10 years.  Then my father was killed in an  auto accident.  After a while as we could not pay our rent my brother and I were  kicked out onto the street.  I tried to find any job to feed my brother, and then a job  was offered, but the man took me and started selling me.  They had my brother and I  had to do whatever they told me or my brother would be killed."   Is she a 'bad girl'?  Of course not, and now they are safe in shelters with an education.  When asked where did you get the deep scar on your neck Sintija replied;  "The first time  I was with a man, I did not know what to do as I was being raped.  The man wanted me to move and he took his lighted cigarette and put it out in my neck".

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