Rita's Story

Rita was a girl that had come out of an orphanage. She told this story of how she was tricked into selling all that she was given by the government and then sold into sexual slavery:  "When I left the orphanage I was given a small flat to live in, but I had never been  trained to do anything for myself. I did not know how to cook, clean, and I had never  had to even make my bed.  A couple became my 'friends' and helped me.   They told  how it would be better if the flat was in their name and I trusted them.  After I had  signed some papers they sold the flat and sold me to a man.  It was hell as he and  others beat me, raped me, and sold me to others day after day.  I only had alcohol to  drink and very little food.  Then I was rescued and now I live with a Christian family.   God has rescued me from a horrible life that no one should have to live."
Later this girl was living with an older daughter of a Christian pastor in a fourth floor apartment and was having some trouble adjusting to a life of without alcohol.  She bought some beer and brought it home, but the Christian room mate poured it out and locked the front door saying: "You can not go out and get more" Rita was so upset that she went to the fourth floor window and jumped out to leave.  God protected her as she hit tree branches and fell into a big bush.  With only a few scratches she came back upstairs to the apartment and knocked on the door.   The incident got her attention and when I was called and came over to talk to her, she was watching an American TV movie.  I sat down on the other end of the couch and watched with her for some time.  She said: "Aren't  you going to get mad at me for jumping out the window?"    I replied; "No Rita, I just want to know how it feels to fall from a 4th floor window, as I never plan to jump out of one".   She laughed and after that was able over time to accept help to overcome her addiction.

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