30 Possible Situations
You  May Observe
What to look for
About the Victim

1. Selling Sex

11. Dress and Make

Up are Overly Sexy

21. No Address - Just Visiting

the Area - Just Got Here

2. A Pimp or Manager

is Selling Her or Watching

12. Drug or Alcohol Use

Seems to be a Problem

22. No Breaks from

Her "Work"  - Very Tired

3. Afraid or Fearful of


13. Has a Child or Friend

that She is Fearful For

23. No Identification

-  Someone Has It

4. Age - Under 18 a Priority,

but any Age may be a Victim

14. Has a Large Debt

to Repay

24. No Health Care

- May Be Sick  

5. Anxious - Especially

if Police are mentioned

15. High Security Systems

Monitoring Her Actions

25.  Not allowed to

leave the "job"

6. Avoids Eye Contact

16. Malnourished - very

under weight or hungry

26. Signs of Abuse

- Bruises or Cuts

7. Depressed -  Without

a Purpose in Life

17. Many Restrictions

- Cannot do what they want

27. Talks of Having

Been Kidnapped

8. Desperate to Earn Money

- Afraid if She Does Not

18. Mentions Wanting Help

28. Time Seems to

be Unimportant - No Sense of Time

9. Different Stories are Told

- Some Unbelievable

19. Mentions False

Promises in Life

 29. Willing to "Have Sex"

with Anyone

10. Does Not Have Her Own

Money - Unpaid

20. Nervous about

Her Situation

30. Working Hours

are Long

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